Pineapple (Ananas Comosus) - noun.
a : Treat of kings.

We all recognize Pineapple as a fruit, but it’s much more than that. Ever since the first time the word "pineapple" was coined, it’s been a symbol of friendship, hospitality, and royalty.

In the 1600s, pineapples were so uncommon that they were declared a symbol of royalty. In fact, it took two centuries in order for gardeners to perfect growing the fruit. They were so extraordinary that they were placed on pedestals and only royalty had the privilege to enjoy them.

However, as the popularity and demand grew for the fruit, royalty handed out pineapples as signs of thanks and parting gifts. The fruit became a powerful sign of wealth, welcome and friendship.

Mimicked by Forever Gold Clothing, the brand represents the same traits that pineapples do: positivity, rarity, and invites individuals into the brand with open arms.

The shirts are designed and fashioned so that once a shirt sells out; it’s gone forever -- a rare fruit of its own. Each design is crafted with special handling, innovation and a bit of good old-fashioned TLC.

Like the pineapple, it has taken multiple years to perfect the growth of our rare fruit. Finally, we have found the perfect amount of positivity, hard work, and love to present you with "the treat of kings.